Dialects of the Body

Dialects of the Body explores the human body’s sinuous division of interiority and exteriority. Silent Scream mutedly records the artist screaming for as long and as loud as possible, with a breath in between, until reaching the brink of her own body. This performative vide aims to test the boundaries of Sara Naim’s body, which is contrasted against the RBG tone of her own blood, marked through a red square adjacent to the video projection. Painted to th average size of the human face, the notion of expectation and realization are at play.

Video work Kul Shay Imkassr Lazim Embellash Min Jadeed recites a phrase that was echoed in early demonstrations across Syria, which translates to ‘Everything is broken, w must begin again’. As the mantra continues, the artist begins to repeat it incorrectly. The repetition offers distancing rather than familiarization, where the phrase becomes abstrac and meaningless over time. The video indicates towards the performative nature of broadcasted news, which is voiced through its old domestic TV screen installation, where tragic events are often heard or unheard.